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Björn Lengers


Short Bio

Björn Lengers works together with Marcel Karnapke since 2016 in the Berlin-based digital performing arts collective CyberRäuber. Their work - according to leading German theatre magazine "Theater der Zeit" - is characterized by "an arguably unique blend of affinity for technology, pioneering spirit, pragmatism and love of theatre".

CyberRäubers' Virtual Reality projects bring theatre elements (spoken and musical theatre, ballet) into virtual spaces, where they can be directly experienced by visitors. Their stage pieces use digital technologies as creative and immersive tools for artists and visitors. The collective has recently made waves with their "neural theatre"-pieces, using artificial art on stage.

Driven by curiosity and the belief in a great future for theatre, Karnapke and Lengers are experts for the digital exploration of theatrical traditions. Their work is shown internationally in theatres, festivals and galleries.



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