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Caspar Bankert


Short Bio

Born in Langenhagen in 1992, Caspar Bankert began his artistic career in the radio drama studios of MDR, progressively honing his skills to join the digital theater scene. He studied Contemporary Puppetry Arts at the HfS "Ernst Busch" in Berlin, and has performed in a variety of productions both nationally and internationally.

He has found interest in merging gaming elements with theater performances, an endeavour showcased in the interactive mini-series "Gulliver," which he developed with his theatre company "komplexbrigade". His current projects include "INBETWEEN," an immersive VR city tour with Academy Alumna Sarah Buser, and "Artificial Stupidity," a project where he engages with AI alignment and Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities, an area dealing with enhancing the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence.

Based in Berlin and Dresden, he remains dedicated to his passion for theater, aspiring to further evolve traditional theater through the incorporation of modern technologies.



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