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StageNoMore is a theatre collective founded in Beijing in the summer of 2014. Our work explores a range of themes related to contemporary society, including digital existence, cyberculture, public discourse in the media, and our relationship to virtuality and reality.

Our collective and members' works have been presented at a number of prestigious venues and festivals nationally and internationally, including the Beijing International Fringe Festival, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, Times Museum (Guangzhou), Today Art Museum, X Museum, Hanshan Art Museum (Suzhou), A4 Art Museum (Chengdu), Inside-Out Theater (Beijing), Sound & Fury Play Reading Festival, Wuzhen Theater Festival, Small Theatre Big Drama Asia Dialogue (Hong Kong), Yokohama International Performing Arts Meeting (Japan), Edinburgh Festival Fringe and OFF Avignon.

Through our performances, we strive to challenge conventional notions of theatre and engage with audiences in new and exciting ways. (revised by Ran CHEN in collaboration with chatGPT)



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